An illustration of a creator contributing to a work.
For Learners For Teachers
  • Store your work online while you are doing it, so your teachers, parents and classmates/friends can find it and help you with it.
  • Anything you like! Text, still or moving image, sound.
  • Write up lesson plans or learning resources that can be shared with other teachers and learners. (For an example, see
  • Keep drafts of these online so colleagues can make suggestions and comment on them.
An illustration of a two collaborators holding hands.
For Learners For Teachers
  • Work together on projects created by more than one learner, and use a message board to help you keep track of how the work is going.
  • Write referee reports—score other people’s work, and help them by giving your comments and suggestions.
  • Show your teacher drafts of your work for them to comment on.
  • Co-author lesson plans and learning materials with colleagues.
  • Team teach and share learning resources created by colleagues.
  • Write referee reports that offer constructive feedback on other people’s lesson plans and learning resources.
  • Work with your learners on their works in progress, providing comments and suggestions.
An illustration of a communicator speaking into a loud-hailer.
For Learners For Teachers
  • Run your own website—including a portfolio of your published works, a weblog, a links page, the story of your life and a photo.
  • Your teacher can publish your finished works into the ClassPublisher website as well as into your online ‘bookstore’ in your own Creator website.
  • Write reviews of other people’s published works and rate them, or talk with them by adding comments to their weblog entries.
  • Your teacher might also ask you to be a Publisher, creating and co-ordinating a small community interested in the same topic or type of work.
  • As a Creator, you have your own Creator Site—a professional portfolio of your lesson plans, learning resources and other publications, a bionote and photo, links, and weblog.
  • If you also become a Publisher of lesson plans and learning resources, you can co-ordinate the creation of knowledge bank of lessons—around a year level, or a subject area, for instance.
  • You are a Publisher of your learners’ works, which can become a learning resource, too.
  • Work with your learners on their works in progress, providing comments and suggestions.