A New Way of Learning

ClassPublisher is a new way of learning. It uses a real-world online publishing system, CGPublisher, which helps teachers and learners to:

ClassPublisher means:

Better Learning
  • You, the learner, are the author: a creator of knowledge.
  • Work together with other learners, share your work and help each other with your work.
  • Have your best, finished work published into your own website.
Better Teaching
  • You, the teacher, are an author and a publisher.
  • Allow your learners to work together more, help each other with their work and evaluate their work.
  • Publish your learners’ work into their own online portfolios.
  • Write a bank of learning activities for learners to access at their own pace.
  • Give your students a wider choice of learning activities according to their own interests and capabilities.
  • Build up a portfolio of your best teaching plans (for other teachers) and activities (for learners).
  • Create an exciting learning environment of active knowledge creation and sharing.